About Us

Here at Tidy Trades, we specialize in providing traders with an abundance of valuable resources, all in one place. Subsequently, we have developed a unique community that allows all people to learn, and some people to earn. Authentic trading content is difficult to come by these days, therefore we have decided to shell out the necessary funds needed to get the best of the best. Our community offers personalized videos, chat rooms, and private coaching from proven traders, allowing everyone to have a chance for an affordable price. Welcome to our community and feel free to go introduce yourself in our group chat!

Our Mission

To provide a feasible platform that gives aspiring traders the resources needed to get themselves to the next level. At the same time, accommodating mentors for their hard work and services.

Our Payout Policy

This is what allows Tidy Trades to be as authentic as it is. We attract the most proven traders. This is  due to our platform’s versatility, our lucrative payout structure, and our extended audience. No algorithms, no favorites, straight cash. Our payout formula is as fair as it gets. Therefore, the best content will always be the most rewarded.

  1. Half of our website’s monthly revenue is split up between all the video contributors.
  2. Website revenue consists of subscription fees and ad revenue.
  3. Video contributor payout formula: ((website’s monthly video view total) / (your monthly video view total)) (1/2 website monthly revenue)

* The website is expected to be subscription based by March *