Tech Support

How To Screen Record Your Trades:

  1. Visit Bandicam’s website and download their screen recording platform (this is free!)
  2. Once you have opened the platform, you will need to click on the video tab and do 2 things:
    – Set up a hotkey. This will allow you to quickly start and end videos.
    – Select “Show Mouse Cursor” so other people can see where you are going.


How To Cover Account Numbers:

  1. Visit Kapwing’s Website and Create an Account (this is free!)
  2. Watch the video below! This shows you how to easily edit your videos so you are not displaying any confidential information.

We highly encourage all members to always cover their account information. This is confidential and should not be shared to the public. One way to make this easier is by putting your trading platform into privacy mode before you screen record a trade. If you have any questions with this process, please reach out in the discord or through our contact page.